2017 Cowboy Dressage World Finals – Top Hand Competition, Top Five Finalists

CDW Finals 2017-5564.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5566.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5586.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5610.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5611.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5634.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5645.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5651.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5654.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5677.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5697.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5706.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5718.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5749.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5764.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5769.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5770.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5780.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5797.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5804.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5810.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5811.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5812.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5813.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5816.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5817.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5823.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5827.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5838.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5847.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5851.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5852.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5855.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5872.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5877.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5888.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5898.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5899.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5908.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5917.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5918.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5925.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5927.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5941.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5954.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5961.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5972.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5977.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5978.jpgCDW Finals 2017-5979.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6013.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6023.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6040.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6075.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6079.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6084.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6094.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6117.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6119.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6140.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6145.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6151.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6160.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6178.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6183.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6190.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6203.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6209.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6210.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6219.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6227.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6229.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6233.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6247.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6251.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6264.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6269.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6276.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6299.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6326.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6327.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6347.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6348.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6353.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6359.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6360.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6374.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6378.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6381.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6386.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6402.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6405.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6414.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6424.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6426.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6431.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6438.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6446.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6454.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6465.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6466.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6467.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6471.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6474.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6476.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6479.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6485.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6490.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6503.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6512.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6517.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6521.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6524.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6555.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6564.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6571.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6580.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6605.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6606.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6609.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6610.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6623.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6626.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6631.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6633.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6639.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6640.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6646.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6654.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6661.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6662.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6677.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6686.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6688.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6690.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6693.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6695.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6697.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6699.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6710.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6712.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6719.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6753.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6760.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6771.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6783.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6801.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6802.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6811.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6830.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6847.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6867.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6892.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6899.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6921.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6923.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6925.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6929.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6936.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6938.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6957.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6963.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6964.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6966.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6974.jpgCDW Finals 2017-6981.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7017.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7020.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7031.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7040.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7047.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7063.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7067.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7074.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7081.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7084.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7089.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7101.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7102.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7104.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7121.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7139.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7145.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7171.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7173.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7187.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7190.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7195.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7200.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7203.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7222.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7233.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7235.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7249.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7271.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7273.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7274.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7285.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7291.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7304.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7317.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7322.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7323.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7334.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7354.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7358.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7360.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7361.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7380.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7381.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7384.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7391.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7392.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7393.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7394.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7395.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7396.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7399.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7400.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7421.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7422.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7429.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7439.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7443.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7444.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7448.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7459.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7469.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7473.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7475.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7482.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7483.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7499.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7501.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7503.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7504.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7521.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7522.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7523.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7531.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7538.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7544.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7548.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7562.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7567.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7585.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7589.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7600.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7608.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7617.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7619.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7620.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7628.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7635.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7654.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7663.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7664.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7667.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7673.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7691.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7697.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7703.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7705.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7713.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7717.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7727.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7728.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7731.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7739.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7751.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7760.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7766.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7771.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7773.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7774.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7776.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7780.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7790.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7797.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7801.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7815.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7817.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7818.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7824.jpgCDW Finals 2017-7826.jpg

    Lee has been riding and photographing horses since she was a little girl and she is passionate about both! Formerly a horse breeder and trail/endurance rider, in more recent years she found the perfect union for her creativity and love of horses through equine photography. For the last couple of years she has been photographing the popular style of western horsemanship called Cowboy Dressage. The philosophy of ‘soft feel’ and kindness that is at the heart of this riding style struck a chord within her, and she is thrilled to have found such a rewarding subject for her photography. Let Lee capture the special bond between you and your horse through timeless portraits and performance images. Ranch visits and horse shows are ideal venues for creating equine photographic art!